Lactosefree Ingredients (English)

Lactose-free Ingredients

Lactose-free milk products contain less than 0.1g laktose per 100g. In Austria I can buy the following products at the stores:

  • By „MinusL“ (at Merkur, Billa):
    Sour cream
    Cream cheese
    Curd cheese
  • By „free from“ (at Spar):
    Curd cheese
    Crème fraiche
    Hazelnut Cocoa Spread

Lactose-free milk products are comparatively easy to find since „lactose-free“ is usually written on the package in bold letters.

With baking ingredients and sweets as e.g. chocolate or cookies things are more difficult. I always have to read the list of ingredients in order to find out if they contain lactose. This is not so easy, as lactose hides behind a lot of terms.

  • Laktose is in:
    Buttermilk powder
    Milk sugar
    Low-fat milk / low-fat milk powder
    Milk / milk product / milk powder
    Milk sugar
    Whey / whey product / whey powder
    Sweet whey / sweet whey powder
    Acid whey / Acid whey powder
    Whole milk / whole milk powder
  • Lactose is not in:
  • Clarified butter.
    That means I can eat e.g. Lindt “Edelbitter Mousse Sauerkirsch-Chili“ chocolate and Lindt “Edelbitter Mousse Chocoladen-Trüffel” chocolate.
  • Products which contain „traces of milk“ or „traces of milk constituents“.
    I only have lactose intolerance and not a milk allergy, so I am fine with those products – e.g. Oreo Cookies and “Manner Schnitten”.

If I bear those aspects in mind, I have a great variety of products I can use for lactose-free baking. Here is a list of some ingredients I use – I am sure there are many more, but these are the ones I have tried and use often.

  • Really important is lactose-free chocolate:
    Lindt Excellence 70%
    Lindt Excellence 70% Mild
    Lindt Excellence 85%
    Lindt Excellence 85% Mild
    Merci Edelbitter 72%

I almost exclusively use Lindt chocolate. It simply tastes great in cakes, cookies, pies.

Cheaper lactose-free chocolates are:
Bensdorp cooking chocolate (Bensdorp Kochschokolade 42%)
Manner chocolate 70% (Manner Schokolade 70%)

  • For uncomplicated and fast treats:
    “Aunt Fanny´s Puff Pastry” (Tante Fanny´s Blätterteig)
  • Cookies, e.g. for a crust:
    Karamellgebäck by Lotus (z.B. at Billa)
    Grazer Ringe by Coppenrath (z.B. at MPreis)
    Buttertaler by Burggreve (z.B. at MPreis)
    Butter-Spekulations by Burggreve (z.B. at Billa)
    Oreo Cookies
  • Ladyfingers:
    Forno Bonomi (at Billa)
  • Unfortunately not okay, as they contain lactose:
  • Suchard chocolate
    Shortbread available in stores (contains whole milk powder)
    Ladyfingers by Manner („Manner Biskotten“)
    Evaporated milk (contains about 10% lactose!)
    M&Ms. Okay, I do not need them for baking, but I just love them.

I still bake with nougat every now and then, especially around Christmas. “Baking” does not mean “eating,” right? If I am tempted to try some of the cookies or cakes made with nougat, I will take some lactase capsules. They allow me to eat lactase without any problems.

In addition to lactose intolerance I also have fructose intolerance. That means that I have to watch my fructose intake. With baking, though, I hardly notice the fructose intolerance since I fortunately tolerate sugar and do not have to substitute it.

If I use ingredients which contain a high amount of fructose, I will mention it with the respective recipe.